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EXHIBIT: Learning To Love

By Miles Bolton, Madeleine McColl, 4th Year MIT

This podcast was created in the MIT Audio Journalism and Podcasting class for the final project. The Learning to Love Podcast follows hosts Madeleine McColl and Miles Bolton as they consult fellow Western students and experts on the topic of love. 

EXHIBIT: Made for Mermaid Unofficial Music Video

By Hongji Weng, 4th Year MIT

It is an unofficial, self-made music video for the rock song Made for Mermaid, by Chinese band Orange Ocean and Japanese band The fin. It is a story about seeking and chasing a love that cannot be reached. The narrative style of the whole music video is based on the rhythm of the song, with a fast-paced narrative to fit the dense drum beat. The tone and style of the real world and the dream world are also carefully designed to achieve strong contrasts. 

EXHIBIT: Apocalyptic Love

By Jess Ernst, Nikolas Schoepke, Kayla Foisy, 1st Year MIT

The story follows a couple as they lose the passion in their relationship and eventually come to an end. By recalling what once was, and what was missing, both parties can find peace in their lonesomeness. Throughout the video, there are flashes where life imitates art, and weather imitates life, through feelings of both joy and hopelessness. 

EXHIBIT: Power of Music

By Lauren Gibbs, Victoria Li, Olivia Saraza  2nd/3rd Year MIT

“The Power of Music” revolves around two characters who lead completely different lives and meet and bond over music. While one character is completely extroverted and lives a super upbeat, carefree life, the other person is introverted and completely isolates themselves from the real world, showcasing signs of depression. After immersing themselves in music, the story follows the two characters eventually meeting coincidentally and shows how their lives begin meshing together over the same song that they listen to. 

EXHIBIT: Break A Leg

By: Jake Rudin, 4th Year MIT

Break A Leg explores the story of Mary Kolitsopulous, a dancer who’s dance career ended due to a shocking turn of events. This piece showcases Mary’s story accompanied by different music and sound elements to create a strong and compelling story. Break A Leg is a powerful piece that reminds people to follow their passions and embrace everything life has to offer, even through challenges. 


By Keyang Zhang, 1st Year MIT

As the final project of MIT 1070, Ruina, Mindy and I decided to challenge the experimental approach to film making. In our film, we utilize unique shots, jarring and bizarre cuts and many visual metaphors to form this ambiguous and aesthetic piece. Although the final meaning and message is up for interpretation, we wanted to present themes of oppression, loss of purity, victimization, anonymity, and struggle. We hope you enjoy this unique visual experience! 

EXHIBIT: “New Jeans” – OMG (Remix)

By Ho Jun Kwon, 4th Year MIT

This is a remix of the original song of OMG by NewJeans.

EXHIBIT: What Lurks

By Ryan Hughes, 4th Year MIT/Film

A young bartender, closing up after a long day at work, finds herself amid a myriad of strange events, forcing her to understand that she is not alone. 

EXHIBIT: A Loaf of Bullsh*t

By Ryan Hughes, 4th Year MIT/Film

A short fictional video showing documentary-making practice. Enjoy! 

EXHIBIT: The Left/Right Divide

By Carson Rust, 4th Year IVEY/MIT

This project was done for MIT 3902G (Alternative Media) and it explores the sounds and associated feelings of mainstream news content in the United States. By using surround sound stereo to intensify real news clips, I attempt to create a sonic environment that mimics the political climate of American news. I aim to critique the political association and polarization of mainstream media through this project. 

EXHIBIT: Star Player

By Prakhar Agarwal, 4th Year MIT / FILM

This is a trailer for an upcoming short film about a student athlete’s rise and fall as he aims to make the University Basketball team. It will be a documentary film with a main focus on the subject reciting his story into the camera in an interview style format. 

EXHIBIT: Jugar A Fingir

By Devishi Sharma, 1st Year MIT

There are quite a few questions and not enough answers. I try to explore the philosophy of humankind behaviour and seek answers – to the unknown. The complete “why are we here? what is this? and why are we spending it like THIS?” 

EXHIBIT: Facing Loneliness

By Landuo Wei, Hongji Weng, Joshua Swarath, 3/4th year MIT

I was dedicated in my filmmaking for five years. Making films is a way for me to resist being lonely. Hence, I want to use this documentary to show audiences that we need to face our loneliness – Being alone allow us to follow our heart, while loneliness make us want to find a distraction to free ourselves from it. We need to learn how to live alone. 

EXHIBIT: Whiplash Video Analysis

By Ajeet Dhillon, Chun You Mok, Will Semeniuk, 1st Year MIT

This video outlines and analyses the filming techniques and plot elements of the 2014 film Whiplash. The 3-minute video essay is split into two sections, the story and the cinematography. The beginning of the video gives a brief plot synopsis and some insight into the characters of Andrew Neiman and Terence Fletcher. The video then moves on to the topic of filmmaking and the techniques the director, cinematographers, and editors used to evoke specific reactions in viewers. It was produced for the final project of the MIT 1070B – First Year Foundations in Media Production course. 

EXHIBIT: What’s Up At Weldon

By Amelia Botelho, 4th year MIT

The university experience can be described in many ways. However, one experience every university student shares is going to the library. What’s Up At Weldon explores the true university student experience through a documentary style approach by exploring real student testimonies detailing their experiences and relationship with the Weldon library facility. 

EXHIBIT: Glasses as a Medium

By Emily Cao, Daksha Sathananthan, Sarah VanDuzer, 1st year MIT

This video explores glasses through the lens of media as a technology, as a text, and as an informationalized service.