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Film festivals are dynamic non-profit ecosystems where creative practitioners (filmmakers, producers, writers, actors, cinematographers, composers) meet industry (sales and talent agencies, distributors, investors), the press (critics), and public audiences. The FIMS Film Festival Critics Lab offers undergraduate and graduate FIMS students the opportunity to attend a number of films at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), experience the environment, and write their own critical work. Participants will be introduced to the practice of film criticism through reading and writing festival coverage and film reviews, and have the opportunity to post their work here in the Film Festival Critics Lab and on Instagram.

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TIFF 2023

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  • Test Post Pt. 2

    In this sense, theme parks encompass many of the facets of Foucault’s notion of the heterotopia. Heterotopias, in contrast to utopias, provide us with a way of coming in contact with, or becoming aware of the otherness of different spaces, complicating our experience of time, and creating an illusory space that helps reveal something of…

  • Test post by Becky

    Climate change wasn’t yet a fixture of mainstream media reporting, Western’s student newspaper was still printing a new issue almost every day, and Gloria Dickie, BA’12, was kick-starting her writing career by covering the story of a southwestern Ontario man attacked by his tiger. More than a decade later, Dickie is now an award-winning environmental…