A Citizen’s Guide to Real News: Why Trusted Local News Matters

Enough about fake news.

What about the real news? What do citizens of our communities need to know about news that matters? In the midst of the dual crises now challenging journalism and the news industry- dwindling trust and decimated local newsrooms struggling to cover their communities – a special Western University Homecoming speaker’s session and panel examines why trusted news matters to the citizens of our democracy.


  • Kathy English (public editor of the Toronto Star and Western’s Faculty of Information & Media Studies’ winter 2018 Asper Teaching Fellow)
  • April Lindgren (Ryerson University professor, Velma Rogers Research Chair, principal investigator for the Local News Research Project,special guest journalist and writer)
  • Joshua Benton (director and founder of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University)
  • Paul Benedetti (FIMS MIT & MMJC lecturer)
  • Mary Baxter (TVO)
  • Heather Wright (CTV News Toronto)
  • Bernard Graham (CBC Executive Producer)
  • Randy Richmond (THe London Free Press)