I Do Not Come To You By Chance by Samantha Cox

I Do Not Come To You By Chance directed by Ishaya Bako is a heart-warming story about Kingsley Ibe’s moral struggle while determining how to financially support his family. Kingsley, played by Paul Nnadiekwe, is surrounded by beautifully distinct characters with strong moral compasses who believe they each know best. Kingsley struggles to decide if scamming people for money is wrong if it removes him and the people he loves from poverty.

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The film unravels Kingsley’s internal conflict in a hilarious way with exceptional acting. Blossom Chukwujekwu portrays Kingsley’s uncle, Boniface, with such grandeur that viewers can’t help but enjoy every moment he is on screen. Uncle Boniface, better known as “Cash Daddy,” is the devil on Kingsley’s shoulder convincing him that money is more important than anything else. He is so distinct in his ridiculous, villainous ways that viewers cannot help but laugh with him and grow to love him while still disapproving of his sinful mindset. Kingsley’s mother, depicted by Jennifer Eliogu, is the frustrated angel on Kingsley’s other shoulder. Her portrayal of a mother who needs her son’s financial support but also wants what is right for him is phenomenal and viewers will feel the character’s pain alongside her.

The characters in I Do Not Come To You By Chance are portrayed well by each actor and they tell a beautiful story.

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