Pictures of Ghosts by Billie Anderson

Pictures of Ghosts offers an exploration of the evolving urban landscape of Recife, Brazil, through the lens of Kleber Filho’s archival footage, personal narrative, and reflection on the transformation of his hometown.

The narrative begins within the confines of Filho’s childhood apartment, where he ventured into the world of filmmaking, experimenting with various formats like VHS and Super-8. Notably, this apartment became the backdrop for his debut feature, O Som ao Redor, underscoring the influence of place on his creative journey.

The documentary’s latter half shifts its focus to the heart of Recife, where once-thriving cinemas stood as cultural landmarks. These theatres were not merely structures but repositories of memories and shared experiences, a testament to the organic relationship between cinemas and their audiences. Filho employs cinema marquis as timekeepers, offering audiences a glimpse into the past through what was playing at the theatres during different eras.

As the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that the cityscape has undergone a profound shift. The vibrant cinemas of yesteryears have been replaced by evangelical churches, department stores, and shopping malls. This transformation encapsulates the complex interplay between cultural heritage, urban development, and the evolving expectations of a city’s residents.

Pictures of Ghosts captures the essence of Recife’s evolving urban identity, showcasing how cities are not static entities but living, breathing reflections of the communities that inhabit them. Filho’s film transcends mere nostalgia; it invites viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between urban spaces, cinema, and the passage of time.

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