MAF – Video Exhibits

VIDEO EXHIBITS EXHIBIT: Learning To Love By Miles Bolton, Madeleine McColl, 4th Year MIT This podcast was created in the MIT Audio Journalism and Podcasting class for the final project. The Learning to Love Podcast follows hosts Madeleine McColl and … Read More

MAF – Visual Essays

CREATIVE/VISUAL ESSAYS EXHIBIT: Melancholy By Candice Chow, 1st year MIT This semester I am taking MIT1070 taught by Professor Bello. When prompted with a visual essay project, I wanted to convey the sharp discrepancies between the two states of mind: … Read More

MAF – Image Exhibits

IMAGE EXHIBITS EXHIBIT: Basement Garden By Sarena Akhter, 2nd year MIT & Madeleine McColl, 2nd year MPI The “Basement Garden” photoshoot took place on the evening of October 31st as a fun and safe way to celebrate Halloween. We were … Read More

Making Matters

Making Matters Speaker Series – Schedule of Events Presented by the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at Western University All events open to the public. Making Matters explores knowledge and expression in a range of forms, from song, birdcalls … Read More


The Faculty of Information & Media Studies (FIMS) at Western University is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about media, communications and information technologies. Across our various programs, we foster two key capacities in our students: the ability to think … Read More

So What? Podcast cover art
Podcast: So What? Why LIS Research Matters

Started in spring 2018 with a launch planned for fall 2018, So What? is a podcast about library and information science research and why it matters. So What? is created and produced by students at the Faculty of Information and … Read More